‘2020 Vision’: 20 Sawcutting Specialties Products we Strongly Recommend


When it comes to concrete cutting, precision, and diamond products, using the proper equipment is key. Fortunately, with the new year insight, we have chosen to provide our amazing customers with an ultimate list of 20 of our favorite products we offer to help complete your perfect sawcutting set for good. Check out our selection below and Happy New Year from all of us at Sawcutting Specialties!



1) iQ360XR Dustless Masonry Saw



The iQ360XR Dustless Masonry Saw is ideal for those looking to continue dry cutting without running the risk of inhaling the dust that often comes with this process. Furthermore, it saves you money by eliminating the need for a dust cleanup crew or the need for your concrete cutters to have to move away from the standard job site every time they make a cut. This makes your team more effective and, thus, saves you both time and money along the way. Check out the iQ360XR Dustless Masonry Saw today. 

Dustless HEPA Wet Dry Pro 8gal





The DUSTLESS HEPA Wet+Dry Pro has been posted by us in the past due to its professional-grade quality at economy-level pricing. Not only is it very affordable and cost-effective but it also has a HEPA certified 99.97 percent filtration score as well. Find the DUSTLESS HEPA Wet+Dry Pro on our site today.


3) DP GCS Series



When it comes to green concrete, the DP GCS Series has got you covered. Not only is the blade adaptable for any 16 HP or smaller saw but it also comes in three different bonds offering the perfect kind of variety needed for any project. Check out the DP GCS Series in our blades category on our shop today.

Zephyr Wet Cured


4) ZEPHYR Wet Cured Blades



ZEPHYR Wet Cured Blades are available in three different saw size ranges (5-20 HP, 20-40 HP, 40-120 HP), offer a variety of different blade types from the Cut All Pro to the PRO-SPEED Super Premium Wet Cured blade, and are a signature product of our company. 


We guarantee high-quality in every product we offer—and these blades are no exception. Whether you have a precise job to complete or a very large and rugged concrete project to tackle, these blades have got you covered. Find out more about our ZEPHYR Wet Cured Blades now! 


5) ZEPHYR Dusted Laser Dry Stone



The ZEPHYR Dusted Laser Dry Stone is designed for job site drilling of faucet-mounting holes in countertops and vanities. Not only does it fit on most high-speed grinders available but it also offers vacuum brazed diamond sides in order to perform at a far superior rate to its competitors. Buy the ZEPHYR Dusted Laser Dry Stone today!


6) ZEPHYR Premium Gold Turbo



The ZEPHYR Premium Gold Turbo is an 18 segment turbo hard bond cup wheel specifically designed for green concrete, asphalt, and other abrasive or soft materials. This is the perfect wheel for these kinds of projects and is highly cost-effective likewise. Find out more about the ZEPHYR Premium Gold Turbo now! 

Zephyr Soldier Row Ring


7) ZEPHYR Soldier Row Ring



The ZEPHYR Soldier Row Ring is available in both soft and medium bond. At a reasonable price, this array patterned blade is sure to last longer than countless other options available currently on the market. Check out the ZEPHYR Soldier Arix Ring Saw Blade today!

ICS 880F4 Chains for 20″ Hydraulic


8) ICS 880F4 Chains for 20″ Hydraulic



The ICS 880F4 Chains for 20″ Hydraulic is the perfect way to upgrade your 853 PRO to FORCE4 specifications without having to purchase extra tools, materials, and major products from our online store. 


The chain is available in ProFORCE, ProFORCE Premium L, ProFORCE Premium S, ProFORCE Abrasive, and PowerGrit bonds. By using this chain, your saw will now be comparable to the 880 F4 without having to upgrade your hydraulic saw in the process! Check out the ICS 880F4 Chains for 20″ Hydraulic today!


9) ALPHA RE Corner Bevel



The ALPHA RE Corner Bevel is the best way to create a 45-degree internal bevel on granite, engineered stone, porcelain, marble, and limestone tiles. Not only is this perfect for corner joints but it also works in conjunction with other ALPHA Professional Tools to create the best lines and angles possible. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this tool is sure to assist you in a seamless fashion each and every time. Find out more about the ALPHA RE Corner Bevel here!

Zephyre Seg Hollow


10) ZEPHYR Seg Hollow



The ZEPHYR Seg Hollow is the ultimate drum for dry shaping. Not only is it affordable and worry-free but it also provides a cleaner workspace and outstanding accuracy without fail. For information about the ZEPHYR Seg Hollow, check out our store product page today!


11) HUSQVARNA K4000 Wet


The Husqvarna K4000 Wet is a wet and dry cutter that is perfect for all kinds of precision cutting jobs. With the dust reducer vac attachment, the blade can be used as a dry cutting machine whilst even the wet cuts are controlled to limit the slurry and lead to more precise and flawless jobs without fail. Buy the Husqvarna K4000 Wet today in our online shop!





It’s no wonder why this particular rail saw is often considered the professional tile cutters’ best friend. With the ability to cut tiles up to 27” in length with accuracy and ease, this entry level rail saw is ideal for those looking to do tough home improvement jobs and complete major projects alike. Furthermore, “the saw also offers superb plunge cuts, miter cutting capability and an integrated folding stand for convenient setup and transportation.” Find out more about the Sawmaster SDT 1025 here!


13) ALPHA Silicon Carbide Sandpaper



ALPHA Silicon Carbide Sandpaper is available in 80 grit, 120 grit, 240 grit, 320 grit, 400 grit, and 600 grit as well as an assortment kit likewise. Each offers a velcro hook and loop backing to easily attach and detach the discs as well as silicon carbide abrasive ideal for all softer natural stone and marble types. Furthermore, if you purchase seven boxes of each grip, you will also receive a free back pad as well! This is great for shops and construction companies looking for a tremendous local Idaho deal! Check out the ALPHA silicon carbide sandpaper today!





Similar to the silicon carbide sandpaper above, the Diamondhead type 6 silicon carbide stone is ideal for grinding and finishing softer natural stones, granite, and marble. It is available in 24, 36, 46, 60, 80, 120, and 220 grit and utilizes hybrid technology making it viable for both wet and dry jobs. To learn more about this medium bond silicon carbide stone, check out its shop page today!


15) Makita SJS Blade Guard



The Makita SJS Blade Guard is ideal for any and all angle grinder owners. Comprised of steel with a powder coat finish, this guard is perfect for safety when utilizing an angle grinder in the field and is sure to protect your face, fingers, and hands during any project. Not only does it protect you from accidentally grinding your hand but it also blocks sparks from the materials you grind likewise. Check out more of the specifics of the Makita SJS Blade Guard today!


16) DP Core Adapters



Looking to convert your thread, adapt to HILTI-, or adapt your core equipment in some other way? If so, these DP core adapters are the perfect solution for you! With multiple types to choose from all with various conversions in mind, this is your one-stop-shop for every core equipment add-on imaginable! Check out our core adapters selection today!


17) Superior Poly Epoxy



Superior Transparent Knife Grade Poly Epoxy is the ideal epoxy solution for natural stone filling and laminating. Not only is it 15 percent stronger than polyesters but it is the perfect choice for porous granites and marbles within your home, workspace, or job site. Learn more about Superior poly epoxy here!


18) CREWS Mossy Oak Safety Glasses



According to OSHA, safety glasses are mandatory when in contact with, “flying particles, molten metal, liquid chemicals, acids or caustic liquids, chemical gases or vapors, or potentially injurious light radiation.” 


However, nothing says you can’t look stylish when doing so. These Mossy Oak safety glasses are perfect for those looking for protection from the sun as well as any materials they plan on working with during the day. Not only are they strong and lightweight but they also provide 99.9 percent UV protection likewise. Check out these Mossy Oak safety glasses today!





The Barranca HP14 lapidary saw is equipped with a 1/2 HP continuous duty commercial grade motor with thermal overload protection and manual reset, hard chrome plated carriage rails for smooth operation and extended life, and splash-style lubrication, flushing, and cooling system. You can either purchase the saw with or without a stand and it is the ideal solution for those looking for a long-lasting lapidary saw at a reasonable price. Read more about the Barranca HP14 here!





For our final product highlight, we chose this Barranca BD-303S lapidary blade. Ideal for precision cuts that must be made in rare and valuable materials such as quartz, jade, or petrified wood, this blade is available today on our online store in both 16” and 18” diameters with larger sizes available upon request. 


We hope this informative list will help you on your next project to choose the best products available to you! As for our 2020 resolution, we aim to create the best online store services possible, create a better local shop environment in our new location, and grow with the local Idaho community we know and love. Happy New Year, everyone!


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