Top 10 Best Construction Gadgets of 2020

Whether you’re a general contractor, a construction worker, or even just an at-home handyman, gear is truly everything. Without the right gear to assist you in your various projects, you are likely to fail or double the time and effort of your project guaranteed. 

Fortunately, every year introduces new and exciting products ranging from safety gear and work clothing all the way to useful gear and reinvisioned tools. For the year of 2020, we’ve seen countless new products hit the shelves and we at Sawcutting Specialties have truly been excited to test them all. As such, below are the top rated gadgets of 2020 for any and all construction jobs that we have found, reviewed, and confirmed the validity of just for you—our avid supporters! 

We hope this list will help you to make your construction jobs easier and safer in no time and we encourage you to share other gadgets you’re excited about in the comments below!

sawcutting specialties construction gadget


1. Waterproof Lizard Cam


Firstly, the waterproof Lizard Cam is perfect for snaking into tough-to-see areas on the job site. If you are working on bathroom projects that require you to not only easily cut granite or tile but also be able to set up sinks or shower plumbing, this product is ideal. With a handheld monitor display, a high definition camera, and an LED light, the waterproof Lizard Cam is sure to make your household construction jobs a piece of cake in no time flat. 


sawcutting specialties construction gadget

2. LED Light Helmet Accessory


The Illumagear Halo SL is the future of hands-free lighting for construction workers and contractors alike. With a 360 degree design and LED lights that run on rechargeable lithium ion batteries, this helmet is perfect for early morning work, work underground, late night jobs, and anything and everything in between. 

However, if you are looking for a helmet light attachment but can’t afford the Illumagear, you can also always opt for simple clip-on LED lights as well. Although they may not have 360 degree coverage, they are still a good solution for hands-free lighting at a discount. 

sawcutting specialties construction gadget


3. TROXELL Mini Hole Saw Guide


The TROXELL Mini Hole Saw Guide is the perfect accessory for accurate hole drilling on the job. With a built-in suction cup that is sure to hold on almost any surface, this gadget is perfect for those looking for accuracy without all the effort and delicacy. At less than $15 to purchase on our shop, it is sure to be a great addition to any handyman’s gear especially when it comes to working with granite, tile, glass, marple, or porcelain which certainly do require a lot more technical precision. 

sawcutting specialties construction gadget


4. Heated Quilted Work Jacket


The Milwaukee 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Heated Quilted Jacket Kit With Gray Rainshell may be a pretty expensive item but it is sure to be cost effective in the long run. Whether you are dealing with rain, snow, or even just high winds during the winter time, this jacket is perfect to keep you warm and dry on the job guaranteed. On top of the heating element of this jacket, the HYDROBREAK Rain Shell delivers 10k mm rated waterproofness as well and the jacket as a whole is very resilient to bad weather, rips and tears, and even construction site hazards. 

sawcutting specialties construction gadget


5. Safety Glasses From XOEYE Technologies


Although it’s no secret that eyewear on the construction site is essential, what if your eyewear was also able to use cameras to get firsthand assistance on the job, show you schematics in AR, and help construction workers perform precise tasks by letting them look up the steps online and see them right in front of their very eyes? Well, while this may sound like some kind of futuristic pipedream, the safety glasses from XOEYE technologies do all of this and more. We are fully convinced that this technology is sure to help redefine construction work as we know it so why not get involved from the ground floor?

sawcutting specialties construction gadget


6. Daqri Smart Helmet


First of all, similar to the XOEYE smart safety glasses, the DAQRI Smart Helmet uses Augmented Reality (AR) to help workers on the job site. The helmet is capable of recognizing hazards ahead and comes equipped with HD video recording, 360-degree navigation cameras, 3D mapping, photography, alphanumeric capture, and more. 

sawcutting specialties construction gadget


7. Construction Drone


Firstly, drones have slowly become more and more popular in our society. this is for a myriad of reasons ranging from police chases and deliveries. It can even go all the way to wedding photography and racing. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the construction industry is now using these drones to create better aerial mapping systems for job sites. On top of this, drones are great for seeing problems that are higher up, for sending information across job sites, and even for 360 degree virtual tours of your construction projects as well. We recommend the DJI Phantom as it is the most lightweight and cost-effective drone currently on the market. 

sawcutting specialties construction gadget


8. Aqua Shot Cement Drill Bit


The Aqua Shot Cement Drill Bit is the perfect option for those of you that simply don’t want to have to add water as you drill into tile, cement, or other hard materials. As you use the bit, it introduces water on its own making the process far simpler and also speeding up all cement and concrete projects guaranteed. Feel free to also check out our similar drill bit—the DS Wet Electroplated—today!

sawcutting specialties construction gadget


9. Post-It Extreme Notes


Firstly, The Post-It Extreme Notes are the ultimate reminder solution when on the job. Secondly, with the ability to withstand almost any surface, onsite hazard, and liquid, these notes are ideal for letting other crew know important information or for keeping measurements nearby without having the flimsy paper of a regular Post-It Note holding you back. 

sawcutting specialties construction gadget


10. Bosch 5-in-1 Drill/ Driver System


To begin, The Bosch Max FlexiClick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System comes with one tool and five attachments. This means this useful gadget is able to drill and drive. It can also offset driving close to edges, right angle drill, and much more. This gadget is perfect for small and intricate jobs. It provides a far more streamlined process for all drilling projects guaranteed. 

In the end, whether you need a hands-free lighting solution, another attachment to add to your collection of tools, or even just a warm jacket, this year’s list of top-rated gadgets is sure to get you through it all. If you would like to see more cost-effective construction products from a grassroots family-owned business, check out our online shop today and start saving!

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