Sawcutting Specialties’ Response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

During this trying time, it can be hard for businesses to be able to connect with their amazing customers and let them know exactly how they are handling this coronavirus crisis as well. Although we would all like to believe the virus is being handled expertly, the truth is that there are still some that downplay its severity at every turn. 

For this reason, we thought we would not only share our opinions on the virus as a team but also how we are getting involved in the community, still serving our customers each and every day, and making it through this with our friends and families. 

We hope the information below will shed a light on our current status and what this pandemic has taught us not only as a team or as individuals but as members of this amazing country we all call home. 

The  Current Coronavirus  Stats in Idaho

The Current Coronavirus Stats in Idaho

Since Coronavirus (Covid-19) first hit our state, there have been 1,984 cases and 60 deaths. Although this number may seem small in comparison to the surrounding states, this could also be in part due to the fact that testing began late in our state and was not as adequate as it was in other parts of the country. 

As of today, April 29th, there have been 32 new cases seen and this number continues to stay steady each day. To counteract this, the entire state issued a stay-home-order on March 25th that spans until April 30th or later depending on the arc of the given case numbers. All restaurants are currently closed on the inside and most grocery stores have limited their hours, guest limits, and essential item amounts per person. 

What Precautions Have we Personally Taken?

What Precautions Have we Personally Taken?

According to Hopkins Medicine, “Staying at least six feet away from other people lessens your chances of catching COVID-19.” They also recommend washing your hands regularly for 20-second intervals, trying not to touch your face or other objects as best as you can, self-quarantining, shutting down non-essential businesses to prevent the spread, and wearing a mask if you feel even remotely sick. 

As such, we at Sawcutting specialties have chosen to close down the interior of our shop and sell our products solely through the online shop and through the means of pick-up by phone order. We also have chosen to limit the number of employees within the physical shop at all times and have ensured that our entire staff is practicing proper hygiene and disinfecting protocol at all times. 

When an order is made through the phone line, an employee will pick out the items you need, clean them thoroughly to ensure their safe handling, and wait for you to arrive. All transactions will be done through the front of the store but will be succinct, cleanly, and nowhere near as hands-on as you may be used to by our incredibly friendly staff. 

In this way, we are ensuring that all of our team is safe as well as the customers we assist in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus in our local community. 

How can we all get Involved in a Positive way in our Community?

How can we all get Involved in a Positive way in our Community?

Although self-quarantining and social distancing is essential during this trying time, there are still several ways that you can help in your local area. For Idaho residents that want to get involved in a positive way, KTVB created a Coronavirus relief volunteer program list that includes groups such as The Salvation Army and The Idaho Foodbank which need assistance.

As for our team, we will be assisting by simply sharing any updates and information that we can and promoting social distancing both for the industries we serve as well as the community we are a part of. 

When Will we be Reopening?

When Will we be Reopening?

As of right now, we are simply following the orders of the state, taking into account amendments made to the stay-home-order, and seeing when other stores in our area are planning on reopening their doors. However, our online shop is still active and pick-up orders can be made by phone. 

What are our Main Takeaways From This Horrendous Epidemic?

What are our Main Takeaways From This Horrendous Epidemic?

Although it can be hard to find silver linings during these trying times, the main takeaways we have found from this pandemic are simple.

Despite the chaos and loss, we have found that our customers truly are the foundation of our company. Without them, we would not be able to do what we love on a daily basis. In the same way, we found that community teamwork, love, and respect for others are truly the foundations of our society. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to live in a functioning country which we love on a daily basis. 

We hope that you and your family are safe during this time of uncertainty, we wish you the best from the entire team here at Sawcutting Specialties, and don’t hesitate to still reach out for any and all of your concrete cutting needs as usual. We will continue to update you all as the dynamics change and the future comes to fruition. 

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