Why Register?

We view our customer base as a joint venture and wish to reward our loyal customers with a discount incentive based on the regularity and overall annual volume per customer. Great customers deserve great prices and the best prices should be set aside for the best customers. The more you return the more you will receive in savings. Because of the irregularity of this structure, additional discounts may be added to your shopping cart total prior to your credit card processing!

Not all merchandise has the same mark up, so discounts will vary by product. They will be applied to our already very low prices as follows. Up to:

5% discount on all products in the Equipment, Tools, and the Accessories sections.

10% discount on all other Name Brand diamond products.

15% discount on all generic brand, or Sawcutting Specialties brand diamond products.

Additional loyalty discounts and promotional codes may be emailed to registered users if email address is provided! We will not share this email with anyone. For additional information, refer to "Privacy Policy" section.

Discounts will not apply to featured products or any product with an existing sale or promotion.

Thank you for registering with us, and we hope to continue doing business with you throughout the forseeable future.