IMMEDIATE and NONE. We will answer your call with a live person and you will not have to punch any numbers or declare your language. There will be no ridiculous music or self gratification loops to bore you while you wait because you WILL NOT WAIT.

No, if you want the cheapest, try Harbor Freight. However, if you don’t mind paying 3%-10% more, depending on the item, we can provide a better product and some customer support to go along with it. We will even guarantee our blades to actually have the arbor hole in the middle. After all, if you are all about the cheapest, why not take your wife out to McDonalds tonight and dine with a nice grilled chicken dinner or a delicious steak at Carl’s Jr. and take advantage of the tremendous savings. (Also, refer to “HOW THEY WORK” in the more info section).

Probably the same answer as “Did your wife settle for that $89 wedding ring or was she stubborn and insist on a real one?” Diamonds are graded on quality and higher quality diamonds are harder, have sharper and more durable cutting edges, and consequently hold that sharpness longer. Low end blades are produced in third world countries with the lowest grade materials, little or no testing, quality control, specifications, and absolutely NO WARRANTY. They are produced to sell to vendors instead of end users so the vendor can maximize their profit by doubling their money.

Yes, but realize how that works before you make your decision (Refer to “TELEMARKETERS FOR SMARTIES” in more info section) because It is not to be what it appears. With ALL telemarketers and wholesale houses, a non advertized $89 inexpensive blade is marked up from $89 to $189, returning an extra $1,000 net, which covers the price of the $990 saw. That is why they offer a free saw instead of offering ten free blades with the purchase of a saw. The saws have a standardized and non-alterable price. You may break even if you are cutting a large job of “plaster paris” stepping stones. But really, if you are purchasing the products to do a real job, concrete with re-bar, hard stone, pre-cast concrete, you would be miles ahead to buy a blade that actually worked. Instead, simply select the saw you want and the number and type of blades you wish to receive and purchase them. This way you will receive what you need in order to be productive. I guarantee that you will not pay a dime more than by purchasing that bargain. I also guarantee you will save money and see your savings because you will have a true measurement of the saw price and a blade price for a comparable and competitive choice. There is no such thing as a free saw or something for nothing.

None, we most likely have the identical product they offer. Telemarketers do not manufacture blades, they purchase them from the same sources we do. However there is a difference in that you contact us when you need products, and they call you when they want to sell you products. If you need someone to tell you when it is time to buy saw blades, kindly provide us with your phone number and we will call you every week and remind you. (Refer to TELEMARKETERS FOR SMARTIES in additional information).


Yes, the only requirement we have is that you must have some money, and sometimes that rule can be bent.

Yes, call or e-mail us with your order. We ship every day anywhere, by UPS, US Postal Service, or motor carrier.