The Top 5 Ways Diamond Blades can Save You Money on Home Renovation

Home renovation is one of the most satisfying project types that anyone can do if they put the time and effort into it. Unlike crafts such as cabinetry or furniture-making, home renovation is an ever-expanding umbrella for projects of all sizes and skill levels. 

From renovating your master bathroom all the way to transforming your lackluster kitchen, home renovation is a great way to take your house and personalize it using various skills and tools. But, what if there was a singular tool that could speed up any renovation process in the blink of an eye? 

To explain how diamond blades can save you time and money on home renovation, let’s take a look at some of the ways using a diamond blade for your next project speeds up the process and saves you money at the same time. 

Most Renovation Materials can be cut by Them

1) Most Renovation Materials can be cut by Them

When it comes to using saw blades for home renovation projects, the status quo is typically switching in between saw blades throughout the process. The reason for this is that switching is ideal depending on the material you are using to ensure that every cut is precise. 

However, with a diamond blade, you can cut countless materials without ever switching blades at all. In fact, diamond blades for construction are capable of cutting concrete, masonry, steel, various irons, plastic, tile, wood, and glass. This means that almost any home renovation process is sure to cost less based on blade costs alone. It is also sure to save you time based on how many less tool changes are needed from start to finish.

Diamond Blades Last Longer Than Other Options

2) Diamond Blades Last Longer Than Other Options

The second reason why diamond blades are superior when it comes to renovation projects is because they tend to last longer than nearly every other option out there. In fact, according to one of our manufacturers, MK Diamond Products, the average diamond blade lasts 100 times longer than other blades on the market. 

Taking into account the fact that most quality saw blades cost roughly $30 and the average diamond blade costs about the same, you could be spending nearly $2700 more on regular blades during renovations. This also saves you time and money by reducing the amount of time and effort spent getting new blades as each one wears out likewise. 

Precision is Highly Important in Home Renovation

3) Precision is Highly Important in Home Renovation

Have you ever sat in a waiting room for a doctor’s office or walked through a building only to see a minor imperfection and cringe? Perhaps, it is a window that is slightly off from the rest or paint that isn’t completed in a corner of the room. No matter what it is, it bothers you to some extent. These fails are so annoying that there’s even whole pages dedicated to them: You Had One Job!

The reason for this is that any kind of renovation requires precision. Without precision, all that is left is a series of unfinished or imperfect projects. Unfortunately, not all tools are made the same, and some tools actually hinder more than they help. From paint brushes that create splotchy paint jobs all the way to saw blades that cut jagged edges. These imperfections can completely ruin a renovation project in the blink of an eye. 

As such, you want to find products that are good for precision and can stand the test of time—and any material you want to use. This is where diamond blades stand out from the pack. Diamond blades provide a level of precision that is unparallelled in the blade industry. This gives you a clean cut no matter what the material is. 

Diamond Blades cut Faster Speeding up Renovation Times

4) Diamond Blades cut Faster Speeding up Renovation Times

Perhaps, you’ve had your mind set on a home renovation project for some time now. However, you weren’t sure you would have the time necessary to complete it. This is an all too common problem for home owners worldwide.

Fortunately, by using a diamond blade, you can reduce your cutting times three fold and still keep the precision despite it. This means that jobs which would normally take three days to complete could be done in only one day using a diamond blade. 

The reason for this is that the diamond blade bonds ensure that, no matter what material you are cutting, it will run through smoothly. By revealing the right amount of new diamonds as you cut, you continue to have the same blade precision with every single pass. 

You can Finally Tackle the More Advanced DIY Renovations

5) You can Finally Tackle the More Advanced DIY Renovations

Finally, one of the most enticing aspects of using a diamond blade for home renovations is that it allows you to tackle bigger projects. For instance, with a diamond blade, you can actually cut your own granite countertops. This is sure to save you tons of money on granite work and installation.

Similarly, with a diamond blade, you can also do projects that increase your property value as well. This actually can make you money in the future. A lot of people don’t realize that home renovation may increase their property value no matter how big or small it is. For instance, even a simple project like painting your door increases your property value. Imagine what a big project like new granite countertops could do for that evaluation.

With all of these principles now in place, it’s no wonder why diamond blades are the blade of choice for countless home owners worldwide. From patios to attics and kitchens to basements, diamond blades have you covered. For more information regarding diamond blades in your local area, give us a call at Sawcutting Specialties today! We’ll be happy to help you pick the right blade for all your household needs guaranteed!


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