ZEPHYR Conehead Prem Asphalt

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ZEPHYR Premium "Conehead" Wet Core Drill Bits

Contractor and Pro Grade for Asphalt drilling. This is a very fast and long life bit for this application and other soft and very abrasive materials such as some sandstones, bricks and sandy mortared structures. This is the same product as the Concrete bit but with a harder bonded segment. Use this bit for low to medium HP machines. The pointed segment Starts in the hole easier without chattering and also penetrates and progresses through the aggregate without a flat spot to drag and hydroplane. It increases it's ability to wedge and dig more rapidly and consistantly through the material and maintains that pointed shape throughout the majority of the life of the bit. NOTE: All bits including 1 3/4" and under are traditional flat crown style and all bits over 1 3/4" are pointed "CONEHEAD" segmented bits. You will find everything you need for core drilling in the "ACCESSORIES" Section.
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