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WEHA 3 Step TRIO Polishing Pads

Weha 4" 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pads Wet/Dry for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone & Quartz  Weha Trio pads are 4" resin bonded wet/dry polishing pads. They have a hook and loop back designed for use with the same backer as other polishing pads. Designed for fast and easy polishing of most natural stone and quartz to a high gloss.   These pads give good clarity and gloss, so you will save time and money over using 5 or 7 step sets. The best part about the Weha 3 Step Trio polishing pads is that for most of your stone polishing you will only need this set. SEE DETAILS BELOW- Add a Position 0 pad for very aggressive removal if desired (not included in set)  
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