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SUPERABRASIVE 2" Pro Wet Polishing Drum

So you have tried the little inexpensive drums for polishing expecting miraculous things and they tore apart, burnt up and bounced until you took it off? You called the store you purchased it from and they told you that they are one of the few things they offer that are not warranted and it is an item that looks really neat in a catalog but really doesn't work? Am I right? Try a real one. This wheel is like no other. Look at the picture, the product has impregnated diamonds within the resin base. There is nothing to burn or tear. SUPERABRASIVE’s polishing sink wheels work best on polishing sink cutouts and flat surfaces. Industry results show that the grit sequence ensures an excellent marks-free polish on natural as well as on engineered stones. They are available in 2" X 2" deep reach and several sizes and grits, also with either 5/8-11" or M14 thread. Choose from the Following grits- 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, BUFF. Choose either 5/8-11 for grinder or 14mm for Router 
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