OMEGA Blue Ripper

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OMEGA Blue Ripper Rail Saw

Do you want the speed, the accuracy, and the quality of work of multi thousand dollar bridge saws at a FRACTION of their cost? The Blue Ripper Rail Saw delivers that and much more. This saw can cut through 2cm of "Absolute Black" granite up to the incredible speed of 10 ft. per MINUTE! Simple and strong, the blade cuts next to rail so setting up is fast and easy. No gages, shims or offset measurements are needed. The saw itself weights only 79 lbs. which makes it easy for a single person to lift and move. The reduced weight also minimizes risk of cracking narrow or thin pieces of material. This rail saw is truly amazing and is considered by the experts far superior to the competition in performance and ease of use. Fastest portable rail saw on the market today! Takes full plunge cuts at up to 10 ft. per minute! This was factory tested in 2cm (3/4 inch) of "Absolute Black" granite. Speed may vary from benchmark when cutting other materials, thicknesses, or when using other blades.
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