ICS 853 Pro Chains for 15" Hydraulic

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ICS Diamond Chains for 15" 853 Pro Hydraulic Saws

DOES NOT FIT 880F4, you will find 880F4 products further down the list. THIS PRODUCT IS OBSOLETE AND IS AVAILABLE ONLY AS STOCK REMAINS ON HAND! ICS suggests that you replace your bar after every 3 chains. UPGRADE YOUR 853 PRO to FORCE4 Specifications to utilize FORCE4 Technology- Simply go to the 880F4 DIAMOND CHAIN page and purchase a Force4 Sprocket, a Force4 Bar (It will fit), and a FORCE 4 Chain. Your saw will now be equal to the 880 F4 and all F4 products will work on your 853 PRO hydraulic saw, including the POWER GRIT chain. You will notice immediate differences such as the size of the chain and then you will understand why the 853 PRO model has become an endangered species. POSSIBLY MAY STILL BE AVAILABLE IN LIMITED QUANTITIES, Order them and if we have them we will ship them. Otherwise we will contact you and offer you an alternative Force4 Option. ORIGINALLY OFFERED IN THE FOLLOWING BONDS- SOFTPRO-33- Economy grade chain for small and light duty jobs. TWINPRO-33- Standard grade chain for general purpose concrete cutting. PREMIUMPRO-33- Enhanced Pro Grade chain for very hard concrete with re-bar, longer life and increased speed. PREMIUM ABRASIVE-33- For cutting of abrasive material such as brick, block, asphalt and other abrasive materials such as Sandstone.
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