Husqvarna Vari-Grind G600 Series Inserts 3 Pack

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HUSQVARNA Vari-Grind Series diamond segment inserts

Redi Lock diamond tools are perfect for concrete grinding applications, such as aggregate exposure, preparation for tiling floors, removal of epoxy coatings and sealers as well as flattening. The system eliminates the need for multiple sets of diamond disc holders, and replaces time consuming screw-on-diamond systems. The Redi Lock dovetail simply locks into the slot and is ready for use. The system is available for a variety of machine manufacturers. Husqvarna offers two series of Redi Lock tools, the G 1400 and G 600. With five different types of products, the G 1400 series offers the excellent removal rates and durability, providing maximum profitability and performance with all types of applications. It also covers surface preparation applications in only three steps before using the resin tools in polishing applications. The G 600 series is cost competitive tooling with good performance when used on grinders smaller than the PG 820. SINGLE SEGMENT VS DOUBLE SEGMENT Single Segment – Working with a single segment will increase the pressure on each segment. This will lead to more aggressive and increased productivity; however, the life of the tool will be shorter. Double Segment – Working with a double segment will decrease the pressure on each segment, reducing the wear rate on the diamond segments. This will lead to a smoother scratch pattern, and will also reduce the load on the machine. All options come in a 3 piece pack. Available in single segment or double segment in 20 grit or 30 grit. Available in single Round button or double Round button in 50 or 100 grit. Choose GREEN Soft Bond for very hard concrete- Select GRAY Medium Bond for Hard concrete and longer life- Choose COPPER Hard Bond for softer and more abrasive concrete and maximum life-
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