HYLANDER Premium Fan

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HYLANDER Premium Fan Diamond Cup Wheel

Premium grade wheel for maximizing the air circulation to the diamonds for cooling. This also enhances the dust pick up and removal when used with a "Turbo" grinder or a dust shroud. With a modest amount of diamonds touching at any given time, this wheel quickly and smoothly removes rough form marks, inperfections, lumps, humps and bumps in concrete formed structures. It works amazingly well on stone also. If you have not tried this wheel, you will never know the difference the fan technology brings until you do. SOFT BOND- Very hard and dense concrete and stone. MEDIUM BOND- Standard concrete with higher sand concentration or a little more abrasive material. Available in either 7/8-5/8" Open Arbor hole or 5/8-11" Threaded Arbor hole.
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