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DUSTLESS TECHNOLOGIES 2.5 Gal HEPA BackPack Vacuum - D1505

Whether cleaning a school or renovating a house, it is important that what you suck up stays in the vacuum. While other vacuums exhaust dust back into the air, the HEPA Backpack Vacuum will not. Our clamp-down sealed top and four-stage HEPA filtration system captures 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns or 1/20th the width of a human hair. That is smaller than a red blood cell, bacteria, pollen, and allergens.

  • The 4-layer HEPA media filter system effectively captures over 99.9% of dust.
  • The external filter cleaning mechanism is OSHA-compliant and can be cleaned without opening the unit
  • Lightweight/durable construction is less physically demanding
  • The 3-point harness offers superior comfort and support, ensuring extended use without discomfort.
  • The canister is effectively filtered through multiple layers to ensure dust remains within it.
  • Ideal for housekeeping tasks and vacuuming drill holes where HEPA filtration is required by OSHA.
  • Comes with closable filter bags that securely seal hazardous dust for safe disposal.
  • 2.5-gallons canister
  • The vacuum hose offers a 360-degree rotation.


Length 29"
Width 13.5"
Height 14"
Weight 25.4 lbs
Water Lift 108"
Air Flow 120 CFM
Voltage 120 V
Noise Level 74 dB
Cord Length 50'
Hose Length 5'
Port Size 1.5"
Warranty 3 Year

Included With This Product:

  • (1) HEPA Back Pack Vacuum
  • (1) 5 Point Harness
  • (2) Disposable Sealable Filter Bags
  • (1) 2- Piece Metal S Wand
  • (1) Beater Bar HEPA Floor Tool
  • (1) Brush Floor Tool
  • (1) Crevice Tool
  • (1) 48.5-Foot Extension Cord

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