DP Pro Series 21" & LIGHT Series Hydraulic

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DIAMOND PRODUCTS Pro Series 21 Hydraulic Hand Held Saw

Much more powerful than conventional gas saws, 8" max depth cutting in concrete pipes, walls or floors with 21" model. Easy action trigger, Built in load adapter for long motor life. Also available in larger diameter models for even deeper sawing (but be careful what you wish for). Call 1-888-795-0777 for larger depth hand held saws. AVAILABLE TO CONNECT DIRECTLY TO YOUR BACKHOE or SKID STEER! Call for flow restrictor valves. Pro Series 21" Has dual trigger- light weight aluminum frame, trigger activated water valve, overhung load adapter, "Casappa" hydraulic motor, down cut rotation, Flush Cut with removable guard, 24" whip hoses included- Light Weight Pro series 21" is a chopped and lighter weight version of the Pro Series 21" with the following features- Single trigger, light weight aluminum frame, manual water valve, "Casappa" hydraulic motor, down cut, our lightest weight hydraulic hand saw-
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