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DITEQ RH1531 Hand Held Wet Core Drill

3 speed 560/1400/2900 RPM, D handle drill for up to 4" diameter holes with hand held, and up to 6.5" with stand. Choose from the following options: A- Hand Drill Only (image #1). B- Choose either D Handle Style or Pistol Grip Style. C- Drill with with Complete Fixed base, stand, column, carriage, spacer and squeeze clamp unit for anchor drilling. D- Drill with Complete Angle base stand, column, carriage, spacer, squeeze clamp unit for anchor drilling (image #2). E- Either COMPLETE Drill (B or C) assembly with vacuum suck down unit, vacuum pump, hose and accessories for vac drilling per image #1- You will find other vacuum base products in our ACCESSORIES section under Core Drill Accessories. YOU WILL FIND EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR CORE DRILLING IN OUR ACCESSORIES SECTION, CHECK IT OUT!
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