APEXX HV Series Dupont Bull

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APEXX HV Series Dupont Bull Wet Router Bit

With 7/8" Recess and Includes 10mm and 8mm Bolts. You may find more expensive bits but you will not find finer. Available in 3cm and 4cm. Available in Position 1 and Position 2. A custom and unique shape for increasing your customer option choices. The Double breaker bit is a terrific addition to this semi 45 Degree profile for speed and bit longevity, use first to save shape on Position 1 Bit. Double breaker bit universally adapts to fit 2cm, 3cm or 4cm thick stone slabs by removing or inserting bearings and spacers which are included with the double breaker bit. Designed to operate on all routers up to 10,000 RPM. Optimal HV bit speed 6,500 RPM for 3cm bits and 6,000 RPM on 4cm.   CUSTOM PROFILES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST
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