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ALPHA Z  Vertical Hand Held Profiler

Vertical Grinding Wheel for the perfect 90-Degree Edge
ALPHA Z Vertical Contour blade together with the AWS-125 Stone Cutter allows fabricators to cut a sink hole along the cut line quickly and safely. In order to shape the edge to a desired profile, Alpha® introduces the Profiler Z-Series, Vertical Grinding Wheels. Profiler Z-Series is also known as Zero Tolerance or Drum Grinding. Most competitive products use sintered bond which eventually changes the shape of the wheel distorting the vertical edge. Using our Profiler Z-Series maintains a very aggressive cutting performance and its original shape for a long time. We recommend this Vertical Grinding Wheel along with a Corner Ruler to make uniform exterior corners.
  • Vertical Grinding On All Types of Materials
  • Never Loses Shape for True Zero Tolerance
  • Nylon Guide and Rotary Touchier Assures Uniformity
  • Equipped with A 5/8”-11 Female Thread and Internal Water Passage Holes
  • Fits On All Popular Water-Fed Polishers
Vertical Grinding on All Types of Materials; Fits on all Popular Water-Fed Polishers. Check out more Profilers here! Alpha Professional Tools was founded in 1986. It has become a leading manufacturer of quality tools for professionals in the:
  • natural/engineered stone
  • porcelain
  • ceramic
  • glass
  • construction
In addition to providing the best products in the industry, Alpha Professional Tools® offers a variety of services to support their products. Use wet or sacrifice modest life of tool and use dry.
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