ALPHA V Full Bullnose

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ALPHA V Full Bullnose Hand Held Profiler

ALPHA V Full Bullnose is designed for fabricators that need to deal with the variety of thicknesses. No matter the material you are working with has a specified thickness. For instance 1-1/4” (3cm), the nature of the material does not always match the exact specification. After that, piecing together long slabs that are not uniform in thickness, is a difficult task for any fabricator. In the past, the fabricator had to calibrate the thicker slab to match the other slabs, but not any more! Certainly, you need to choose the Alpha Profiler V-Series to produce a top quality results for your next project! Introducing the ALPHA V Series, a very unique designed wheel profiler. As a result, this will eliminate the time-consuming calibration process. This will work on all popular water-fed polishers including the AWP-158 and VSP-120 wet polishers. Materials it can be used on:
  • Granite
  • Engineered Stone
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Concrete
  • Crystallized Glass/Porcelain Slabs
  • Porcelain Pavers
Add Universal Safety Guard to your dry, variable speed grinder. Includes:
  • Guard
  • 6′ hose to faucet
  • flexible water line
  • shut off valve
  • GFCI Breaker
Check out more Profilers here! Use wet or sacrifice modest life of tool and use dry.
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