Rent It

We offer various equipment for rent as well as most sizes of stone bits and concrete drill bits!


Blue Ripper Jr. Granite Slab Saw w/ Blade - 

Equip Stone Saw Omega Blue Ripper Jr


Red Ripper 110V Stone Router - 

Equip Misc Stone Omega Red Ripper


DP 13HP Slab Saw w/ Blade - 

Equip Slab Saws DP CC1300 Gas


EDCO BB-14G-6.5 Masonry Saw w/ Blade - 

Equip Stone Saw Edco BB 14G Masonry Saw



SS Core Drill to 14″ w/ Bit under 6 1/4″- 

Equip Core DP M1

SS Core Drill Vac Base & Vac Pump - 

Equip Core DP Base

EDCO 7″ Edge Grinder - 

Equip Edco TMC7

PEARL Tile Saw - 

Equip Stone Saws Pearl VX10.2


IMER Mixer - 




ABACO Transport Cart - 

Slab Transport



HELLCAT Dry Polishing Kit (grinder, pads, backer) - 

Polishing Kit Hellcat Fusion

DPC 1/4″ Hand Held Profiler - 

Profilers DPC B Radius



HELLCAT 5″ Variable Speed Grinder - 

Power Tools Electric Dry Hellcat 5 Variable



MAKITA 5″ Wet Polisher - 

Power Tools Electric Wet Makita Polisher


HUSQVARNA K970 Hot Saw - 

Equip Multi Husq k970 Saw

HUSQVARNA Hand Held Core Drill - 

Equip Core Hand Husq DM 230