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Husqvarna Cutting Cart KV760 KV 970 / 1260

Husqvarna Cutting Cart are designed specifically for Husqvarna’s handheld gas power cutters. The quick connections make it easy to install the cutter on the cart, and the cutting depth is easy to adjust. With a cutting cart it’s easy to cut in straight or curved lines, and close to walls and curbstones. In addition, the design is compact and they’re easy to fold up and transport. Also, the Cutting Cart comes with a pressurized water tank included to keep the dust down with water.

Husqvarna KV760 Cutting Cart Features

  • KV 7 fits K760 and K770 saws
  • Cut straight or curved lines, close to walls or curbs
  • Quick connection makes it easy to install power cutter on cart
  • The removable 4 gallon pressurized water tank and 10 ft. hose (connects water to the blade guard) is standard.
  • Turn your hand saw into a small flat saw

Husqvarna KV760 & KV 970/1260 Cutting Cart


  • Quick mount makes it easy to install the cutter on the cart
  • Depth control accessible from working position
  • Lateral adjustments makes straight line cutting easy to achieve and allows for cutting close to walls
  • Easy adjustable handle with throttle control
  • Folds for easy storage, also, easily transportation
  • Available with 4 Gals (15 L) water tank

Item Update

  • The newly introduced K1270 II does not fit the older KV9/12 carry cart. Therefore, the KV9/12 was upgraded
  • Affected units: K970, K1270, K1270 II
  • To use a new K1270II on an old KV9/12 cart, you will need an upgrade kit - part number 529798401
  • To use an old K1270 on a new KV9/12 cart, you will need a downgrade kit - part number 531109301
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