DP Large Flat Saws

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DIAMOND PRODUCTS CC2500 to CC120 HP Walk Behind Saws $10,000 and Over Call for specific pricing

  Select your Saw option at then call us at 888-795-0777 Sorry, these products are not available online. Please call for information and to place an order- Because there are so many choices and specifications these saws are most generally ordered and built to match your specification. That is why you should call us and let us build the saw and price it correctly to you. We understand the choices and conditions in which you operate and we are experienced and qualified to help you order the correct machine exactly to fit your needs. It is your decision whether we include night running lights, varying blade shaft speeds and blade guards matched for the slab thickness you most generally work, or multiple shaft speed gear boxes for a wide range of blade diameter efficiency, Gas & Diesel engine and other motor types, including electric with voltage options  or hydraulics with Pressure & GPM specifications, diesel, propane, catalytic muffler exhaust scrubbers, front pivot, rear pivot models, need I continue? Lets get it right! We offer all products from Diamond Products Inc. Simply call us at 1-888-795-0777 for prompt, reliable and competetive service for these products. YOU WILL FIND EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR SLAB SAWING IN OUR ACCESSORIES SECTION, CHECK IT OUT!
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