CYCLONE Premium Turbo

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CYCLONE Premium Turbo Blade for Granite

Cyclone Premium Turbo Blade engineered to be the fastest cutting turbo blade in the industry. Extremely clean and sharp precision cuts. Return ratio of less than 1%. This diamond blade will never let you down. Proven in independent laboratory tests to be the fastest and longest lasting blade in the world. Cyclone Turbo Blades are the ultimate diamond blade. This blade is the stone industry's # 1 blade for cutting granite, concrete and hard marble, Developed with a narrow tooth design and using the highest grade diamonds, this blade destroys the competition when it comes to clean, fast cuts while having bullet proof reliability. Check out more Stone Blades here! 5" & 6" blades available in Flush Cut
Diamax Industries, Inc. is the growth of diamond tool distributors. They do so by supplying their consumers needs immediately with reliable products. The first company in the industry to sell ultra-high performance tools at a mid-range cost. Their long-standing consumer relationships allow them to continuously develop and source the best products for tool distributors. Same-day shipping and a return ratio of less than 1% over the life of the company is Diamax’s ongoing mission.
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