Use this page to navigate between our site and the following manufacturer’s linked websites. We are authorized dealers for the following distributors  Most are linked, if not call for further information. Search throughout and if you find a product you are interested in, get the model and part number, then call us for the specifications, price and availability. Most items are on hand and shipped from Boise, Idaho.

Manufacturers of concrete cutting products including CORE-BORE, CORE-CUT Trademarks. An American Company of the highest standards and quality.

HUSQVARNA Const Products
Formerly Target, Felker, Partner. Manufacturers of Concrete, Masonry, Stone and Tile Sawing, Drilling and Polishing Equipment, blades, bits, grinding, and polishing products. An aggressive American Firm of the highest standards and quality.

ICS Diamond Chain Saws
ICS Blount Inc. Manufacturers of Diamond Chain Saws and related concrete sawing equipment. There is no finer diamond chain sawing system.

Discover the DITEQ Difference, very creative worldwide diamond products and equipment. They have gained more ground recently in the industry than any other. Give them a look.

CAIMAN, PRIMAX Diamond Tools
Caiman Diamond Tools and accessories are a tremendous assett to our Granite Fabrication Line. They are top quality diamond products, preferred by professionals.

Screwing up is no big deal, if you’re cutting a slice of pizza.

MK Diamond
The Grandaddy of them all.

A Division of Multiquip. Offers state of the art sawing products for professional and intellectually minded contractors.

EZ CUT Products, Inc.
A unique diamond blade and diamond core bit manufacturer for professional sawing and drilling contractors. They can build and deliver special specifications quick. You will find none finer.

Noritake Construction and Industrial Products are the innovators of many high end tools and ideas which are still copied today. Besides their china tableware Noritake is known for making asphalt sawing productive with their hard core and trapazoidal segmented blades.

PROTECH Diamond Tools
An up and coming worldwide diamond tool company, which offers the finest diamond bits and blades at very progressive prices. You will not be disappointed.

OMEGA Diamond Tools
Omega Equipment is the finest available for the smaller Stone Contractor. You may find saws and routers that cost more but none perform better than the Blue Ripper Jr. and the Red Ripper within the price ranges.

NORTON-CLIPPER Construction Products
A Division of Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc. This firm sets the standards in diamond and other abrasive products.


FELKER Tile and Stone Products
Established in 1924 by Mr. Walton A. Felker, these products are of the highest standards and quality in the industry.

DPC is an international manufacturer of unique and top quality products for stone fabrication and polishing. If you cannot find it, you didn’t look at DPC.

Diamant Boart, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers in the world specializing in stone and tile cutting, grinding, shaping, drilling and polishing products. Their products are of the highest standards and quality.

A Worldwide Company. Manufacturers of the highest quality diamond products, their small diameter blades have some of the finest quality diamond available.

EDCO- Equipment Development Co.
Quality Construction products for concrete modifications, such as grinders, scarifiers, and other general equipment. This is a very heavy duty Contractor Grade Product.

Excellent manufacturer of diamond products and tools for stone and concrete polishing. Lavina Floor polishers head the line of top quality products.

SAWMASTER Diamond Tools, Inc.
The Leader in Design Technology, and makers of very high quality and innovative tile, stone, and masonry saws.

BARRANCA Diamond Products, Inc.
Barranca Diamond Products for Stone, Tile, and Lapidary use, compliments our inventory of fine diamond products with State of the Art products for the professional contractor. These products include the finest and most exotic tools available.

ALPHA Professional Tools
The top of the line in the Stone Fabrication and Polishing industry. These products are second to none.

Diamond tools for routers and CNC machines. Also equipment and tools such as SECTOR, DAIMON, SYSTHEMA, SYSTAR, EASY BEVEL, and the BLUELINE Dust extraction systems.

PEARL Abrasive Co.
Accept no Imitations. Being in the diamond blade business without Pearl, would be like being in the restaurant business without meat! “Simply the best.”

Possibly the youngest of the Contractor and Professional Grade Diamond Equipment and tool manufacturers. They have already proven their worth in the industry with innovative products such as Zenesis blades and EZ Early entry style blades for triangle arbors. Check them out.

Intertool- Innovative stone equipment for sawing and shaping stone and stone tiles. These products include the TRAC STAR Portable Sawing System, DS 301 Planetary Polisher, EDGE PRO Portable Edging System and the TILE PRO Edging System. Fantastic, yet sensibly priced equipment.

A portable and re-usable Saw protection enclosure when sanitary and clean work areas are necessary.

Your source for composite and steel cutting products. These are the finest tools in the marketplace and you may be surprised to find that many of the competitive tools out there were actually made by Morse, and sometimes made to lessor specifications. You will find none better.

Do you have a chisel requirement? You will not find a better quality product than MICON products.

ATLAS COPCO Construction Tools, Inc.
Atlas Copco Construction Tools, including Kango electric demolition tools, Chicago Pneumatic and Atlas Copco gas and air tools, hydraulic breakers, steel and bits.

Dust Containment products for hot saws, small electric saws, grinders and other small tools.

The original Dust Muzzle and dust containment products.

UCAN Fastening Products
UCAN Fastening products for construction, anchors of all types, shields, plugs, toggles, SCRU-it Products, hammer caps, adhesive capsule systems, epoxy and injection anchoring systems, etc.

Adhesives, polyester and epoxies, coloring agents, sealers, cleaners, enhancers, waxes, etc.

K-BOND Adhesives
K-Bond Polyester adhesives, penetrants, coloring agents, sealers and waxes.

Sika Contractors’ Choice Sealants and adhesives, High Strength Epoxies and Concrete Repair Materials.

ROADWARE Microdoweling Technology repairs for concrete floors in 10 minutes with Mender or Flexible Cement. This is the one that does not fail.